How-to Guides

Microsoft Excel and VBA how-to guides.

Activex Data Objects Database (ADODB) Demonstration

How to connect to and send SQL to an MS Access dBase using ADODB in MS Excel.


Animated Activity Indicator

Animated activity indicator using the Windings clock symbol (characters 183 to 195).


Date Picker

The date picker control was removed in Microsoft Office 2016. This workbook provides a simple to use alternative. The date format is easily changed by adding a new mode and relevant code in Function strDateFormat in module modCalendar.


Excel VBA Naming Conventions

Excel VBA naming conventions.

Excel VBA Naming Conventions.pdf

Highlight the Active Cell's Column and Row

How to highlight the active cell's column and row.


How to Create a Custom Ribbon Bar in Microsoft Excel

How to create a Custom Ribbon Bar in Microsoft Excel.

Custom Ribbon Bar.pdf
imageMSO Browser

Userform Add, Search and Edit

How to add, search and edit records to a worksheet using a UserForm.


UserForm Enhancement

How to enhance a UserForm.

UserForm Enhancement

Visual Basic Integrated Design Environment (VBIDE) Programming.

Visual Basic Integrated Design Environment (VBIDE), VBA Editor programming..